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Ayurveda's aim is to create and maintain balance in the body, mind and emotions in order to increase health and longevity. The main purpose of the bodywork is to calm the central nervous system and improve lymphatic functioning so that the body's natural healing energies are activated. Through the variety of hands on treatments available at MAHA, you will find one that helps you feel balanced, healthy, and whole.
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Types of Hands-on-Treatments:

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Hands on Practitioners and Massage Therapists:

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Jolie Parcher:Hands-on-Treatments Warm Oil Treatments and Essential Oil Treatments and Ayurvedic Consultations:

Jolie Parcher Photo In addition to being a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant, Jolie is trained as a practitioner of the Ayurvedic hands-on treatments and as a level I cranial sacral practitioner. For the past few years she has studied essential oils with David Crowe of Floracopeia and Master Jeffery Yuen.

At MAHA, Jolie specializes in hands-on warm oil treatments using essential and Ayurvedic herbal oils. Ayurvedic treatments are balancing, deeply soothing, and recharging. Each hands-on treatment includes the use of warm oils infused with specific herbs. The warmth and lubricating quality of the oils has a nurturing, grounding effect. In an Ayurvedic treatment with Jolie Parcher, warm oils are poured onto the body and spread out evenly. Oils may be rubbed with greater or less pressure depending on what your body needs to achieve balance.

Kimberley Larson and Terrel Broussard: Ayurvedic and Thai Massage every summer and about once a month throughout the year.

Kim and Terrel Photo Both Kimberley and Terrel are much beloved for their intuitive and sensitive touch. Some of the treatments they offer throughout the summer season include: Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient treatment used for calming the mind, relieving muscular tension and cleansing the lymph system to aid in detoxification. This is a rhythmic massage using warm oils, the ultimate in rejuvenation! 

"Jolie's warm oil Ayurvedic sessions are heaven on earth. Her strong, wise and comforting hands know exactly how to reawaken my energy centers and I walk out of MAHA, my body in a big smile and utterly at peace. Do yourself a favor and book several consecutive sessions and you'll find the feelings of well-being accrue."
- Kat Monahan

"Jolie Parcher is an East End treasure. Not only is she the owner and founder of Mandala Yoga in Amagansett but she is the real thing . She walks the walk and talks the talk. I booked a series of Ayurvedic body treatments and a private counseling session this Winter. I am a caregiver of a spouse with Parkinsons Disease and have had much too much on my plate recently. While I was mostly looking forward to some body pampering I received so much more. Jolie is wise and very accessible, within 2 sessions she was able to get me focused on what I needed to do to get my life working for me again. Her coconut oil body treatment will leave you feeling soothed, smooth and taken care of. I can't recommend Jolie enough!"
- Arlene Levin

"I have received Ayurvedic warm oil treatments multiple times from Jolie. Each time I am inspired by the beauty that is present in the composition of this type of massage. As a musician, I appreciate the way in which Jolie is able to take on all the intricacies of the sequence of motions with a soft confidence. I am also taken by the way in which a sequence of motions, which is the same each time, can bring about such varied experiences in my body. Jolie's ability to constantly support me, while gently holding the space for my body to release in the way it wants to, always leads to an amazing treatment."
- Steven Eaton

MAHA is also used by Marion Rohrbach, LMT: Therapeutic Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

Marion Rohrback Photo

Marion Rohrbach, LMT: Therapeutic Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy Marion has been practicing massage, neuromuscular therapy, and movement therapy for over 16 years. Her holistic approach is a unique fusion of healing techniques drawn from her extensive experience. She is a licensed Massage Therapist, certified in Neuromuscular Therapy, Movement Analysis, and Shiatsu, and she has a degree in Dance/Movement Therapy. She has also studied Hanna Somatics, Kinetic Myofascial Mobilization, and Structural Therapy. Marion's treatments are designed to help alleviate neck and back pain, chronic tension, postural distortion, headaches, TMJ, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and other injuries. Contact Marion at 516-443-9930 or send her an email at marionmove@optonline.net.