Jolie Parcher - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Jolie Parcher

Tantric Yoga, Para Yoga Vinyasa flow, Certified Ayurvedic Counselor

Jolie is the Founder and Director of Mandala Yoga & Ayurveda Center, and has been a certified yoga teacher from The Patanjali Yoga Center in Khatmandu, Nepal since 1990. Jolie has certification as an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle counselor at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, also trained as a practitioner of the Ayurvedic hands on Treatments and as a level I cranial sacral practitioner. Her classes incorporate essential oils and guidance from Ayurvedic daily wisdom into a more traditional vinyasa flow. It's a practice that celebrates a vibrant life both on and off the mat.

Year-round Teachers

Emily Liss - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Emily Liss

Mandala/Sonic RYT Yoga  Certified , Ishta Certified Restorative,  Mindfulness Meditation Jon Kabat -Zinn Professional Training,   level 1 Reiki practitioner, Essential Oils level 1

Emily is the manager of Mandala Yoga. Through meditation teaching, Emily finds a stillness and open heartedness that is so profound that she feels a heightened appreciation of what is truly important, that is to live life as if it really mattered. Emily has reached the point in her daily sit that it is no longer an event but a life cushion. She feels almost an innate ability to guide student practitioners to use the tools of mindfulness in their everyday lives in hopes of living daily life supremely well .In her restorative class, Emily uses meditation to create a deep relaxation.

 Emily wishes to thank her teachers Jon Kabat-Zinn and Sensei Beate of Upaya Zendo for their guidance along the path.
Mindfulness Meditation every Sunday at 9:00am.

Leigh Anne - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Leigh Anne Eberle

Om Certified,  Vinyassa, Hatha

Leigh Anne began practicing Yoga as part of her dance curriculum while at NYU graduate school, however; discovering its lifelong benefits and inspiring her to practice daily has carried her to present day. Striving to teach from a place of compassion Leigh Anne believes Yoga is suitable for everyone and that each individual can deepen oneself through meditation, breath, and the practice of asanas.

Jennifer Frasher - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Jennifer Frasher

Nosara & Heart of Yoga Certified, Kundalini,
Level 2 Reiki practitioner, Pranic Healing adults and children.

A student of yoga since 1999 and teacher since 2003. Jen's classes are an artful configuration of body, breath movement,alignment and attention. Known for her ethereal qualities, skill and dedication, she offers students the practice of yoga in a direct and palpable way as a method to clear minds, open hearts and spacious bodies. Influenced by many yoga traditions and currently inspired by her work with The Handel Group, Jen blends all of her studies together in a unique healing experience. Her classes frequently include live music and the use of essential oils. Voted "best of the best" Hampton's yoga instructor 2011 and 2012, you will find her teachings fresh, inspirational and ever surprising!

Sheryl Hastalis - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Sheryl Hastalis

RYT 500, Vinyasa flow, Doug Keller, Russill Paul Influence

Sheryl Hastalis is known for her exuberant personality, extensive knowledge of anatomy, asana, mantra, and yoga philosophy. She encourages each student, to inhabit their practice with balance, joy, and freedom in body, mind, and spirit. As well as teaching yoga at Mandala Yoga, and Ross School, Sheryl teaches both the able bodied in Yoga Fusion, and the physically/mentally challenged, guiding them through an integrated practice of yoga, meditation, strengthening, and neural pathway, engagement exercises. Teaching movement modalities since 83’, she holds certifications in yoga, mantra, meditation, wellness/fitness coaching, an M.F.A in Arts Management, a B.F.A in Dance, and is currently working on Reflexology certification. She has danced professionally, and advocated for live performance, as an arts administrator. Sheryl has taught classical and contemporary dance technique, and Yoga at Ross School since 1997. This Brooklyn native, moved to East Hampton, from NYC, when she fell in love on Georgica Beach!

Leah Kinney - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Leah Kinney

RYT 500 Yoga Shanti & Nosara Certified, Iyengar Influence

Leah completed the Nosara Yoga Institute's 200 hour teaching training program in Costa Rica. Upon returning home, she enrolled in Yoga Shanti's teacher training program where her heart grew full of love and gratitude for this practice. Born and raised in Montauk, Leah has a deep appreciation and love for the East End. She is so pleased to be sharing and participating in the practice of yoga within this community

Marissa McNaughton - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Marissa McNaughton

Mandala/Sonic Certified, Vinyasa flow

Marissa emphasizes a rhythmic flow between breath and movement with a teaching style that is grounded yet playful. She is inspired by a love of dance, music, sports, and a great appreciation for the beauty and rhythm of nature (especially the ocean!).

Dwight Garcia - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Dwight Garcia

Yogaworks certified Licensed massage therapist

Dwight holds four teacher certifications with his mentor Master Duncan Wong, creator of the Yogic Arts system. Yogic Arts is a synthesis of organic movement technology, comprehensive vinyasa yoga mechanics, martial arts stances and mudra structures, massage therapy, joint alignment, deep tissue and postural adjustments with modern and urban dance integrations, thus creating an enlightening "body temple" experience. In 2010, Dwight completed a 200 hour certification with YogaWorks.

Lynda O'Laughlin - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Lynda O'Laughlin

Yoga Shanti certified, Vinyassa flow, Jivamukti influenced

A former dancer, Lynda has been exploring movement and anatomy her entire life. Lynda brings years of exploration and dedication to her teachings. By weaving fluid asana sequences together with a passion for philosophy, she hopes to create a space for each student to expand, increase awareness and cultivate a passion for the practice!

Kate Lalita Rabbinowitz - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Kate Lalita Rabbinowitz

Iyengar, Heart of Yoga

Kate is at heart a traveler and adventurer, for years studying traditional arts and teaching yoga in Japan, immersing in India, living in a monastery in Thailand, trekking the Himalayas in Nepal, and walking alone across Tibet to Lhasa from Southwestern China. She visits India regularly to visit her teachers and the temples in the Himalayas. She has studied for 35 years with master teachers of Yoga, BKS Iyengar, Patabi Jois, among others. Throughout the yoga journey, she is certified in Shiatsu Massage, Ayurvedic healing, natural gourmet cooking and Feng Shui.

Emily Weitz - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Emily Weitz

Anusara Influenced, Vinyasa flow

Emily Weitz believes that yoga is a tool to access the truth within, to remain grounded in the moment, and to breathe through the tight spots in life. Educated in the Anusara style, she completed her 200-hour teacher training with Lois Nesbitt, Ellen Saltonstall, and Julie Dohrman in 2007. Since then she has been bringing these profound teachings to studios all over the East End. She weaves themes such as grounding, joy, and centering to help students bring the strength of their practice to their everyday lives. Learn more about her at

Jimmy Minardi - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Jimmy Minardi

founder Minardi Training

Minardi Yoga with Jimmy incorporates dynamic yoga poses, strength and breathing exercises that help to irrigate the body and mind. Each movement is carefully formulated to enhance flexibility, improve stability, posture and mental focus, increase the flow of oxygen to blood cells and build overall body strength.

Stacy Haessler - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Stacy Haessler

Yoga Shanti Certified

Born and raised in East Hampton, Stacy is thrilled to be able to share her love of yoga with the community in which she grew up. While working in the fast-paced fashion industry in both NYC and the Hamptons, Stacy began to realize she needed something to bring more balance into her life. In the spring of 2011, Stacy completed the 300 hour teacher training program at Yoga Shanti with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. She is inspired daily by all of her teachers, on and off the mat..

Lois Nesbitt - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Lois Nesbitt

Yoga Alliance E-RYT, Yoga Zone 500hr. Certified, Integral Yoga Certified.

Lois infuses each class with the insights of 20 years of devoted daily practice in both Anusara and Ashtanga .She has trained teachers worldwide. Her classes blend the precision of cutting-edge technique with an uplifting vinyasa flow. Lois's classes inspire students of every level and ability to practice a yoga that enriches their lives while it shapes their bodies.

Eveyln O’Doherty - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Evelyn O’Doherty

Anusara influenced

Evelyn O’Doherty is a passionate meditator, surfer and yogi who adores living in the Hamptons!. She teaches meditation as a tool to illuminate the tendencies of the mind, immerse ones’ self in the wisdom of the heart and connect each of us with our own inner divinity. Evelyn teaches a strong vinyassa flow class set to good tunes to rejuvenate your spirit. Reconnect with your body, free your soul, and flow to some good old Rock n Roll. She is passionate about Stand up paddling and is an experienced teacher. You can find her photography studio at


Summer Teachers

Jody Oberfelder - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Jody Oberfelder

Om Certified, Vinyassa flow, Director Oberfelder Dance

Jody teaches a moving vinyasa class. The challenge is to stay in your body, with your breath as you move from place to place. Jody's dance and choreographic sensibility fuses with the sequencing, so that there is art in the attention to details of yogic flow.

Lisa Zaloga - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Lisa Zaloga

Sivananda Certified, Vinyassa flow

Integrating the traditions of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, zalogayoga is more than just a vinyasa class... it is an experience!From Tadasana to Sivasana, students are guided through an intelligent sequence, encouraged to allow their breath to lead & pause in meditation... all to the sounds of some of today's greatest music.

Terell - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Terrel Broussard

Kripalu certified, LMT Licensed Massage Therapist, Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic consultant

Terrel uses a synergistic approach to bodywork, yoga, and herbology using an Ayurvedic philosophy.

Kimberly Larson - Teacher At Mandala Yoga - Photo

Kimberly Larson

LMT Licensed Massage Therapist. Ayurvedic consultant

Massage, yoga, meditation, and ayurveda are tools to help us reclaim our health and rediscover our true state of being. I use compassionate touch in massage to assist clients in finding and releasing the blockages that limit their full potential. In this way, I connect with the source of universal, unconditional love and share it with each person I touch."