Our Team

Retail and Event Director – Heidi Humes  Email Heidi@mandalayoga.com to enquire about or sign up for an event or with any retail desires.

Thank you to our amazing team:

Perry Burns – Artist, Cabinet Maker, constant emotional supprt   www.perryburns.net

Writer/editor – Emily Weitz-McClean  www.yogamatized.com

Web Creator – Morgan Nixon asiwouldcreate.com  Steve Coplan www,coplancreativeconsulting.com

Photographers – Inga Howe-Geniesse www.howe-photography.com

Lindsay Morris www.lindsaycmorris.com

Builder – Jim McConville  jimac1@optonline.net

Electrician – Chris Mahosky mandbelectric@yahoo.com

Painter – Jaimie Escalante  jeo_shanti@yahoo.com