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Daily yoga classes for all levels.

Gentler Classes

Gentle Yoga with Essential Oils

Slow stretch Yoga weaving in essential oils to enhance your release and rejuvenation.

Reiki & Restore

Restorative yoga combined with Reiki offers an antidote to the stresses of daily living, promoting balance and calm within the individual. Experience Reiki’s light touch as you rest supported by props to elicit your body’s natural relaxation response.

Reiki & Restore for Survivors of Women’s Cancers

Restorative yoga combined with Reiki offers an antidote to the stresses of daily living, promoting balance and calm within the individual. Experience Reiki’s light touch as you rest supported by props to elicit your body’s natural relaxation response.  This class is sponsored by the Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and is free for Women Survivors of Breast and Gynecologic Cancers.

Beginner Class

Class that lovingly leads a beginning or brand new student step by step through poses.  With modifications to care for your body.


A practice to still the mind and the body to uncover inner peace. It is nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment.  By donation

Restorative Yoga

The focus of this class is on relaxation. It consists of a gentle flow, and includes the use of props when appropriate to ease muscles in achy bodies.  Everyone is welcome.

Gentle Yoga

A class created for those who may not have done yoga before. For someone who would like a good stretch for an achy body and relaxation for a mind that carries too much stress. Slow and steady postures and breath. Everyone is welcome.

Level 1

Open to all students who want step-by-step guidance through the poses and detailed modifications.  Great class for beginning student or someone who enjoys a gentler class.

Some Experience

Rock and Restore

Designed to incorporate high energy, precise alignment with intelligent sequencing, this innovative class led by Roey Ficaro focuses both on invigorating vinyasa flow as well as a restful restorative. Class runs 90
minutes to allow for a proper 15-20 minutes of Iyengar based Restorative finish.

Zaloga Yoga Flow

Zaloga Yoga Flow: Usually themed, zalogayoga flow is a terrific balance of learning ‘how to’ while maintaining a flow throughout.
Set to the backbeat of today’s greatest music, zalogayoga flow is more then just a vinyasa flow class… it’s an EXPERIENCE!

Intro to Ashtanga

Introduces all students to the technique and traditions of Ashtanga yoga Primary Series. Newer students will receive the modifications that will allow them to participate at their current level of strength and flexibility while more experienced students will enjoy the challenges provided by full engagement with this ancient system— everyone who participates will experience its benefits!

Kundalini yoga

Rhythmic body-breath movements, specifically designed Mantra & Meditation, Gong sound healing.  For all levels of practitioners seeking transformative change.

Level 2

Strong, moving strengthening class to get your juices going and give you options to explore your poses more deeply.  Good for the more experienced yogi or someone ready for adventurous flow.

Wake Up Vinyasa

Start your day with a flowing vinyasa class that uses sun salutations, steady breathing and strengthening poses to get you up and going for the day.  Open to all students with some yoga experience.  Modifications and options for deepening the poses are offered.

Level 1, 2

Classes will differ according to teacher’s training and style to include binyasa and detailed technique. Supportive modifications and deepening options are offered.

All levels


A strengthening practice to support your body in your athletic endeavors as a simple tool for the relief of back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain that stands on its own and dovetails seamlessly with all forms of yoga.

Mandala Book Club

Good reads to inspire conscious introspection and thoughtful conversation. All are welcome! Free to attend.

This club is required for all members of the Mandala Mentor Program

For questions or enrollment in the Mandala Mentorship, email

Mindfulness Meditation

The one hour sit will include Dharma Mindfulness Meditation, a tradition that is nonjudgmental, awareness of the present moment. talk, body scan, guided meditation, spiritual reading and silent meditation.
All welcome.By donation.

Surf’SUP Yoga

A fine tuned balance routine on a 5′ long board set on 4 gently rounded rockers to give your  yoga a little shake up wake up! All levels welcome.

Personalized Yoga Instruction

Schedule a one on one or small group private lesson with your friends to practice exactly at the pace you need.  Session can be at Mandala or in your home.  It has been our great honor to lead classes in celebration of birthdays, weddings, “girls weekends out”, family reunions and lots more.  Email jolie@mandalayoga to set up your class.

Community Yoga

Flowing class for all levels. with teachers who are newer in their teaching experience.  Donation of $10 or use class card.

Ashtanga Mysore

as traditionally practiced in Mysore, India, the home of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. A group class where students have a self-paced practice, with verbal instruction and hands-on adjustments from the teacher.  Each student is able to work at his/her own level, while enjoying the energy of a group. Knowing the sequence of postures is not required, just being open-minded, curious, and receptive to learning. New students are asked to commit to a 5 class card to be used in 10 days.

Stronger Classes

Mysore Lab – Self Practice

Open class with no teacher to practice your ashtanga series in a supportive and focused environment. For ashtanga yoga practitioners with a consistent daily practice.

Surfer Yoga

Every class incorporates basic sun salutations and weight-bearing poses. Classes encourage the student to connect with the breath. Each  class builds the integrity of each posture, protecting students from  injury and reinforcing core strength. by donation.

Ashtanga Led Primary

This 1 ½ hour guided class is an opportunity deepen your practice and learn the correct vinyasa (breath-movement) system specific to the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.  Students will be guided with posture names and vinyasa counts, accompanied by helpful alignment tips and explanations. Not appropriate for beginning students. Students should have a familiarity with the Ashtanga system.

Level 2, 3

For intermediate and advanced to students to receive detailed guidance and explore variations on advanced poses.

Kids Classes

Kids Yoga 8-14 years

Join Helene Necroto for an hour of yoga, mindfulness, movement, and FUN! Open to all yogis ages 8-14.

Starting March 3, 2018


Toddler Yoga

Children aged 2-4 years (with a guardian) will gain body strength & sensory coordination while creatively enjoying yoga fun through movement, music, puppets and stories in a nourishing, safe and happy environment.

Kids Yoga

Calling all kids ages 4-7! Children will focus on yoga poses, breathing and self expression through music, art, and games. They will learn self respect for themselves and others by learning in a supportive, social environment. Sundays at 11:30 in the Star Room during 11:30 Level 1 Yoga class in The Sun Room.