Ayurveda’s aim is to create and maintain balance in the body, mind and emotions in order to increase health and longevity. The main purpose of the bodywork is to work on the body to help balance the mind and connect you to your deep intelligence and intuition.  All treatments use warm oil to either create grounding or move out stagnancy, to calm an anxious mind or help awaken you out of a depressed state.  Your practitioner will discuss your needs and suggest a treatment that serves you most fully. Emailjolie@mandalayoga.com

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60 minutes $170, 75 minutes $180, 90 minutes $190   Add-on services $25 -$50

ABHYANGA: a powerfully relaxing, warm oil massage with gentle to firm pressure and long fluid strokes to calm the body and mind. 60, 75 or 90 minutes

Benefits: calms nervous system, increases lymphatic flow to aid detoxification, improves circulation, rejuvenates, balances Vata dosha

VISHESH: a vigorous rhythmic massage with warm oil and firm/deep pressure to remove adhesions in the muscle and connective tissue. 60, 75 or 90 minutes

Benefits:  relaxes the body and mind, releases adhesions in muscle and connective tissue, improves circulation, joint mobility and lymphatic flow, warms the tissues, balances Kapha and Pitta doshas.

GARSHANA: an invigorating dry massage with raw silk gloves stimulates the body’s healing energies and prepares the skin to absorb herbalized oils. Add-on service

Benefits:  exfoliates and rejuvenates skin, increases circulation of blood and lymphatic flow, aids in detoxification, energizes, uplifts, and balances all doshas

AROMATHERAPY ADD-ON: Add essential oils chosen for your indvidual needs to help balance your needs: grounding oils for anti-anxiety, oils to reduce cellulite, oils inspire confidence, oils to support deeper sleep.

SWEDENA: an herbalized, full-body steam to cleanse excess heat and toxins from the tissues.  Add-on service

Benefits:  drains the lymphatic system for detoxification, cleanses the body and mind, revitalizes skin, relaxes muscles, balances all doshas.

SHIRO-ABHYANGA-NASYA (SAN): a vigorous massage for the head, neck, and shoulders followed by a eucalyptus steam and then ginger nasya(nasal) drops to clear out congestion of the sinuses and the lymphatics of the upper body. 60 minutes plus add-on

Benefits:  clears sinus congestion, opens breathing passages, aids in draining excess lymph, relaxes muscles, improves mental clarity and sense perception, balances Kapha dosha.e point to deeply relax.

SHIRODHARA: a continuous stream of warm oil poured over the third eye area and forehead works directly on the central nervous system to quiet the mind and deeply relax the entire body.  60 minutes

Benefits:  Calms the central nervous system,quiets the mind, may induce profound relaxation and deep states of meditation, balances Vata dosha.

KATI BASTI: Sticky dough is used to create a well to hold warm oil to be placed on achy parts of the back for at least 20 minutes or longer.  add-on service

Benefits:  deeply grounding to the nervouse sytem, relieves back pain and tension, quiets the mind.

POTLI: Bundles of sesame seeds wrapped in flannel wool are heated up to firmly knead achy joints.  Anti-inflammatory warm oil is used to further reduce tension and pain.  Add-on service


An Ayurvedic Consultation is an opportunity to assess what’s going on in your life and use the many tools of ancient Ayurveda to help bring you to a healthier, more empowered state. First we diagnose your body type (dosha) and note imbalances. We do this by asking questions about your diet, health, and daily routines, paying special attention to your eyes, skin, tongue, body shape, and pulse.

Next, an individualized program will be created to focus on your immediate needs, as well as laying out a thorough, step by step longer-term plan. We make dietary and exercise recommendations and suggest realistic and workable adjustments to your daily self-care routine. Herbs, essential oils, meditation practices, breathing exercises, and yoga postures may be recommended.

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