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Daily yoga classes for all levels.

Our Teachers

Om bolo sat guru bhagavan ki jai!  The teacher within me, the divine, life experience is my true teacher Hallelujah!

Teachers at Mandala are chosen because of their in depth yoga training and knowledge, commitment to their personal practice, continued pursuit of yoga education and  their integrity and yogic path off of the mat in our local and greater community.  They are the alchemists of a unique personal and group yoga experience in each class.  Introduce yourself if you are new, ask questions after class and let us know what your needs and desires are from Mandala, your Yoga community!

Jolie Parcher

Sheryl Hastalis

Emily Weitz-Mclean

Stacy Haessler

Alison Burke

Eric Pettigrew

Siri Rishi Kaur

Evelyn O’Doherty

Kate Lalita Rabbinowitz

Barbara Hennessy

Lisa Zaloga

Geoffrey Nimmer

Lois Nesbit

Frances Jones

Glenn Goodman

Helene Necroto

Alexandra Burst

Hannah Overlook

Kimberly Larson

Aubrey Lampkin

Jimmy Minardi

Roey Ficaro

Emilie Stoll