Reiki is a biofield energy therapy for stress reduction. It is based on Eastern Medicine’s belief that the energy surrounding and interpenetrating the human body can be healing. The practice of Reiki is balancing and is administered by the light touch of a Reiki practitioner’s hands on or slightly off a fully clothed recipient. Reiki treatment is most often experienced as calming and eliciting a sense of well-being.

The practice of Reiki was introduced in the U.S. in the late 1930’s by a first generation American, Mrs. Hawayo Takata.  The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei, meaning universal or highest and Ki, meaning subtle energy.
Reiki is simple to learn and to use as part of your daily self-care practice and to share with friends, family, clients, and all living things, including pets.

Reiki Level 1 Training:  

In this training you will learn the hands on placements for Reiki treatment for self and others, and be attuned to the gift of Reiki touch.

Required reading , “Reiki A Comprehensive Guide”, by Pamela Miles. Book available at Mandala Yoga

Fee $200

Reiki Level 2 Training:

In Level 2 Reiki training you will receive the Level 2 attunement and learn three Reiki symbols, their meaning and application. The symbols allow you to send healing across distance, and support the deepening of your Reiki practice.

Level 1 training and daily self practice for at least 3 months is required prior to beginning Level 2.

Fee $300

Reiki Shares:

During Reiki Shares, Reiki Practitioners gather to share and receive Reiki. Those who want to learn about Reiki and experience a session are also welcome.

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