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Mandala holds space for yoga classes, workshops and healing arts in Amagansett.



I had my very first (ever) yoga session today with Kate Rab and I’m hooked. It’s now a couple hours later and I feel great. My body feels loose and energized. I must have released a ton of tension all over my body. I will sleep very well tonight and look forward to the next session. I also love the artfulness of the studio itself.

(1 month later) I’ve now done several sessions with several instructors at Mandala. I love the place, and the practice. Can’t recommend yoga enough.
— Jazzy G. (YELP)
Just wanted to say how amazing Sheryl’s workshop was!!
My core feels like someone made me do 200 sit-ups with a 10pound ball on my gut. Lol. I definitely needed it and love the feeling that I did some good work for my body with out going to a dreaded gym. I was so impressed with knowledge of anatomy & the intertwining of philosophy! I am hoping i can take a piece of the Anatomy / Philosophy teacher training. Will teachers be able to do separate modules? Feeling sore and grateful! Plan to bring some of it into my class Tuesday.
— Roey Ficaro, Yoga Teacher
This is a great studio with a huge menu of styles and choices; whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner; whether you have an at-home practice or or practice periodically, you will find something to meet where you are at. Your yoga, your practice, guided by seasoned teachers. I love classes with the live accompaniment by Jean Carlos. Workshops are great,too. Recently I went to the Bandas workshop with Sheryl and it was very helpful in deepening my understanding of the ‘locks’, often referenced in various classes. Mandala is my go-to studio in the Hamptons.
— Anne W. (YELP)
I used to go here years ago when we lived on the Hamptons. Cozy studio Sweet memories Wonderful support Inspiring Even now i remember with Thanks
— Paula T. (YELP)
The instructors are unbelievable. The shop has great product. The atmosphere is clean and chill. The staff is super friendly.
— Robert S. (GOOGLE)


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