Daily yoga classes for all levels.

Teacher Training

  • 200 hour certification

    S8 weekends March 24st - June 25th. Deepen your practice. Get in your Best Yoga Shape. Train to Teach with Confidence
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  • Yoga Teacher Mentor Program

    Take your Teaching to a Whole New Level. Starts this November
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Healing Arts

  • Ayurvedic Treatments and Consultations

    Schedule a warm session to receive body work to nourish and relieve pain. Receive Diet and Lifestyle support with a personal consultation
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  • Aromatherapy

    Essential oil treatments and consultation for a variety of discomforts, including lyme disease relief.
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Upcoming Classes

  • Anatomy for Yoga - Physical and Subtle

    Saturday, May 6th: Skeletal System
    Sunday, May 7th: Nervous System
    Sunday, May 21st: Subtle Body Chakras
    Saturday, June 3rd: Muscular System
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  • July 17 - 21 David Robson Ashtanga Practice Intensive

    Daily Mysore classes and afternoon workshops.
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  • April 28-29 Reiki Level 1 Certification Training

    Learn the hand placements to support relaxation in self and others.
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  • Friday April 28th New Moon Lab 7-9pm

    Celebrate the new moon with Siri Rishi's Kundalini and Gong Meditation!
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Ashtanga Program

  • Welcome Sara Intonato authorized level 2 Ashtanga teacher

    Intro classes, Mysore, led and sutra study.
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  • David Robson Practice Intensive

    July 17 - 21 Early morning mysore, afternoon workshops
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Specialty Yoga Trainings

  • Reiki Trainings

    Level 1 and 2 with Barbara Hennessy. Learn the hands on placements for Reiki treatment for self and others, and be attuned to the gift of Reiki touch.
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  • Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Certification

    June 9th - 11th. For Anyone who Loves Working with Kids!
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