New Students


Whether you are just beginning your exploration into ongoing health and well being or you’ve come to call our studio your second home, Mandala is happy and proud to welcome you.

Founded in 2001 by Jolie Parcher, Mandala Yoga and Mandala Yoga & Healing Arts at 10 Amagansett Square.

Mandala is a place of respect, first and foremost for ourselves: our students are encouraged to grow and learn without being hard on themselves. At the same time, beginners and longtime practitioners alike find both their minds and bodies strengthened, challenged, and invigorated.

So come step into the sky blue studio, feel the ocean breezes as you practice and open your heart As your curiosity and confidence expand you will discover more faith in your own abilities-as our loving teachers have faith in you.

What type of yoga is taught at mandala?

Where is the studio located?

We are located at #10 Amagansett Square Drive in Amagansett Sqaure, Amagansett, NY 11930

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that are not baggy. Start with a t-shirt or supportive tank, paired with shorts or leggings. Form-fitting outfits are best, so the teacher will be able to see your postures and help you with alignment. Wearing layers is good too, so you can stay warm in the resting poses. No footwear is needed. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

What class should I go to?

After reading the class description, take an inventory of how you are feeling today: some days a challenging class will be exactly what you need to invigorate your mind and body. Some days, a more restorative class will be what’s needed to nourish and soothe you. Our goal at Mandala is for you to be your own best teacher, so you are able to choose the right class for you.

What if I’m not flexible or strong (yet)?

There is no need to be flexible in order to begin yoga—and one of the benefits of yoga is how quickly you will discover flexibility and also strength you never knew you had. Our teachers are trained to support bodies at every level of flexibility and will be happy to work together with you to find modifications that work for your body.

What if I have a “Bad” back, knee, or shoulder?

Nobody loves being labeled “bad”. If your neck or your shoulder or your back or any other bits of you are asking for additional support and attention, please talk to your teacher before class and he or she will work with you during class to find ways to support and strengthen those areas. You may also want to schedule a treatment with one of our Healing Arts Practitioners to get some hands on work.

I’ve been to other studios and felt intimidated because I was new. Will that happen at mandala?

Our goal at Mandala is to provide a welcoming, safe, informative and fun atmosphere for all our students. We request that you take into account your current level of energy and curiosity when you pick a class; and that once you are in class you work at your current level of strength and flexibility. There will always be students in class whose poses look different from yours. They are working where they are; you are working where you are. The nice thing about yoga, however, is that you will discover your body has a lot of unexpected happy surprises in store for you.